ALERT: Feds Charge Former Dem Staffer For Election Fraud Scheme

(Right Country) – According to a new report from BizPacReview, federal prosecutors have now charged an ex-staffer in a Philadelphia councilman’s office with election fraud. This news isn’t going to surprise anyone who has been paying attention to what has been going on in this country ever since the 2020 presidential election. Our last election has proven that voter fraud exists on all levels of government, even locally.

The staffer in this situation is alleged to have participated in a “conspiracy” with a former Democratic Party congressman who, unfortunately, is only identified in the legal findings as Consultant #1.

The report says that Marie Beren, 67, who retired from her position with Democrat council member Mark Squilla back in September, is now reportedly facing four counts of voter fraud and other related charges.

“The consultant is reportedly Ozzie Myers, the former Philly pol with a very storied and problematic history,” Philadelphia Magazine said in its report.

“Michael “Ozzie” Myers was one of the politicians implicated in the Abscam bribery scandal in the 1980s. He was subsequently expelled from Congress and later sentenced to three years in federal prison. Last July, he was charged with allegedly paying an election judge to stuff the ballot box for three local candidates. Domenick J. Demuro, an election judge, previously pleaded guilty in the case and is reportedly assisting the prosecution in the case against Myers,” the report continued.

Myers is now going to face additional charges that are connected to the matter with Beren.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the consultant is alleged to have enabled Beren to become a Democrat committee person, and then later on helped her become an election judge in the 29th ward of the city. Back in 2015, Beren is alleged to have appointed a hand-picked successor after she then became a poll watcher, but was still more or less the boss of ward activities.

“When Election Day came around, the consultant would drive Beren to the polling place in the morning, giving her instructions along the way. According to the feds, Beren perpetuated the voter fraud in a variety of ways,” the magazine reported.

“She would allegedly advise in-person voters how to vote, a violation of election law. She allegedly cast fraudulent votes herself in place of voters she knew wouldn’t be coming to the polls. (The government doesn’t make clear how she knew they wouldn’t show up.) The government also alleges that she would encourage and permit in-person voters to vote on behalf of absent family members, “steering” those voters in support of the consultant’s candidates of choice,” the publication continued.

“Beren and others, who are unnamed in the criminal complaint, falsified the “voting book” for the day, writing down names of voters who didn’t actually show up so that the count would all make sense at the end of the day,” the publication added.

“Prosecutors haven’t specified exactly how many fraudulent votes Beren allegedly cast or caused to be cast or whether these votes had any impact on the results of an election,” it said.

“Myers sometimes directed Beren in the middle of Election Day to shift her efforts from one of Myers’ preferred candidates to another if Myers’ concluded that his first choice was comfortably ahead,’ authorities said,” the Philadelphia Inquirer went on to report.

Now, given the time frame, the charges mentioned above, which are currently unproven, do not seem to have anything at all to do with the presidential election last year.

It seems that on a statewide basis, Democrat officials made some big changes to Pennsylvania voting procedures, including universal mail-in ballots, without ever getting approval from the state legislature.

The mainstream media, which is just the propaganda wing for the Democratic Party, has continued to maintain that no fraud occurred in the 2020 election, but the mountains of evidence prove otherwise.

In fact, the Inquirer even said that, “No evidence has surfaced of widespread voter fraud that has swayed any recent election. In Myers’ case, despite the seriousness of the allegations, prosecutors have not alleged that the votes purportedly added by Demuro and Beren in South Philadelphia’s 39th Ward were enough to tip the balance in their district, let alone the city, in favor of Myers’ preferred candidate.”

They’d do anything to protect their own, folks. Anything.

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