ALERT: Pfizer Developing A Twice-Per-Day Pill That Must Be Taken Alongside Vaccine

(Right Country) – And the nuttiness just keeps on coming with the coronavirus vaccines, particularly the one developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer as new reports have revealed that the company is producing a “COVID pill” that should be taken twice a day alongside the vaccine.

If it has not been made clear that this whole thing is about the money, this story should really be an eye opener.

According to Infowars, Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, tweeted about the whole thing on Wednesday.

“Success against #COVID19 will likely require both vaccines & treatments,” Bourla stated in his tweet. “We’re pleased to share we’ve started a Phase 2/3 study of our oral antiviral candidate-specifically designed to combat SARS-CoV-2-in non-hospitalized, low-risk adults.”

Pfizer as a company also put out a statement this week saying, “If successful, [the drug] has the potential to address a significant unmet medical need, providing patients with a novel oral therapy that could be prescribed at the first sign of infection, without requiring hospitalization.” The company described the drug as an “investigational orally administered protease inhibitor antiviral therapy designed specifically to combat COVID–19 – in non–hospitalized, symptomatic adult participants who have a confirmed diagnosis of SARS–CoV–2 infection and are not at increased risk of progressing to severe illness, which may lead to hospitalization or death.”

Many media companies are already super excited about this pill, and the Pfizer company is so confident that this new medication will be quickly approved and mandated by governments all over the world that they’ve already put together a production line before the clinical trials have even come to an end.

Several other companies are also working on the creation of a coronavirus oral medication that is to be taken indefinitely.

“In Singapore, a 16-year-old boy was ruled to be eligible for a $225,000 settlement this week after suffering a myocarditis cardiac arrest event that doctors ruled was likely in response to receiving his first dose of the Pfizer BionTech vaccine, with the Ministry of Health stating, ‘The myocarditis was likely a serious adverse event arising from the COVID-19 vaccine he received, which might have been aggravated by his strenuous lifting of weights and his high consumption of caffeine through energy drinks and supplements,'” Infowars reported.

And what’s really amazing is that there are all kinds of issues with the vaccine that are not being reported on by the mainstream media, thus folks all over the country and the world are pumping themselves full of something with reckless abandon.

Another report from Infowars published toward the end of August revealed that Japan has recalled 1.63 million doses of the Moderna vaccine because of foreign material contamination.

Kyodo News from Japan reported on this story, though you won’t find it in most of the mainstream American media outlets because their marching orders from progressives is to push a narrative that is positive about the vaccine so people will take it.

“Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is in charge of overseeing sales and distribution of the Moderna vaccine in the country,” the Infowars story reported, going on to add, “Moderna allegedly promised to conduct an investigation into the issue after a request from Takeda.”

Over 10 million doses of the Moderna vaccine have been administered to folks in the country since it was approved for emergency use back in May of 2021. The contract Moderna has with Japan would have seen the country receive 50 million doses by September.

“NHK reported on a Takeda press release on Wednesday, which reads, ‘We will work with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to deal with the supply of alternatives, and will strive to minimize the impact on vaccination. We will work closely with Moderna and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to promptly. We will do our best to respond,'” the report continued.

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