Black Man Ranting About “White Devils” Attacks And Stabs 12-Year-Old Boy In Neck

(Right Country) – According to the left, only white people can be racists. Even when they aren’t being racist, they’re being racist.

The recent mass shooting in Atlanta that claimed the lives of 6 Asian women has been classified as a racist hate crime against Asians despite the fact that the shooter specifically said he was not motivated by racism but rather a sex addiction.

In reality, very few Americans are actually racist and those who are, are not strictly white.

A recent attack in Pittsburgh, PA proves this. A black man has been taken into custody after reportedly ranting about “white devils” and using other racial slurs against white people and then tackling a white 12-year-old boy from behind and stabbing him in the neck with a box cutter.

The boy was with his family at a McDonalds on Saturday afternoon. As they were standing in line, the suspect, Charles Edward Turner, 51, began ranting and using racial slurs and then suddenly tackled the boy to the ground and stabbed him in his neck.

After fighting with police officers, Turner was arrested and is being charged with attempted homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault and resisting arrest.

The police described Turner as showing “extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

According to WPXI-TV, after Turner tackled the boy, members of the boy’s family “immediately tried to get Turner off the child and struggled to restrain him. As one family member helped the injured boy another continued to hold Turner down, who pushed back biting him and causing him to bleed.”

Turner wasn’t done with his violent rampage yet, however. When police arrived he carried on aggressively with them as well. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “Turner fought with officers” and “used racial slurs” against the officers, patrons and employees.

The Gateway Pundit noted that the case “appears to be a clear anti-white hate crime” despite the fact that the media reporting on the incident have opted not to include the details about the racial slurs being used by the assailant.

Is that not black privilege?

The Post-Gazette reported that a “black and yellow box cutter knife was found at the scene. The blade was broken, and police said a bloodied, broken piece was recovered where the stabbing took place.”

The paper also reported that Turner has a history of violence dating back to 1987.

Cara Cruz, a public safety spokeswoman, told KDKA-TV that the family had just “zipped” into McDonalds for “one quick thing” when the attack happened. She also noted that two McDonalds employees “did try to intervene and help the child.”

WPXI reports that Turner told family members that “he only wanted to finish his coffee and then leave the restaurant.”

Thankfully, the young boy is now listed in stable condition after being in critical condition following the attack. One police officer endured cuts to his face and two other victims had minor injuries that did not require medical treatment.

Turner is being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

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  1. This is what comes from telling a group of people over and over and over that they are the victims of another group of people. After you hear something long enough, you start to believe every single word of it.

    • Grin – winner winner chicken dinner (perhaps NOT at mickey d’s though). I’ve been saying for years (decades?) that anyone that gets told a big enough lie for long enough WILL begin to believe it and respond accordingly – certainly doesn’t make it right though.

  2. I suppose now the BLM and protesters will use this as an excuse to march for this man who attacked a child. This county is in a down spiral and Bidnen/Harris will flush us down the drain. Time to stand up against them………


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