Communist Third World Voting Rules Could Come To America As Michelle Obama Urges Senate To Vote For HR1

(Right Country) – There is a very dangerous and outrageous bill known as HR1 that is democrat led and was just passed by the Democrats in the US House. This is a bill based on elections that, if passed, would taint our US elections for hundreds and hundreds of years to come.

HR1 is being praised by the Obama’s and is a bill that is an American nightmare. The worst part isn’t that the Democrats are giddy over this bill and what it would mean for the future of our country’s elections but that as they continue moving forward with it the Republicans and big media are being silent and seemingly doing nothing about it.

This bill is directly from a communist playbook with only a select few members of the Democrat Party deciding who wins each and every election in the future. This would end any possibility of America getting back to fair elections, you know, the ones of times past. Remember those from way back when?

We were warned about how vital it was that the fight for free and fair elections take high priority, especially in the 2020 election. We were told that it was imperative that the election not be stolen by the democrats because if it was they would never relinquish control. The integrity of our elections may just be lost forever now, should this bill pass.

Last fall, Rush Limbaugh tried to get the seriousness of this business across when he stated that Democrats are done with elections. They are tired of having to convince Americans of the “benefits” of their agendas that include higher taxes, open borders, weak defense, anti-American/pro-China trade deals, and the list goes on.

The election came and went and through it all there were many events that occurred and proved just how the election was stolen. Counting votes stopped, suitcases suddenly appeared, mail-in ballots were fraudulent, and people and places used for voting verification were found to be illegitimate, just to name a few.

The final chance for any kind of election integrity came and went on January 6th when former Vice President Mike Pence was given the opportunity to stop the steal and demand that the swing states, who had multiple electors, verify accurate and comprehensive counts. But Pence decided to betray President Trump and the American people when he confirmed the stolen results and did nothing.

Now that the 2020 election has been stolen, the Democrats want to make this a permanent way of elections going forward.

This HR1 Bill would:

·force Internet-only registration,
·remove SSN requirements,
·provide motor vehicle registration for everyone,
·create nationwide same-day registration,
·allow children and felons to vote,
·legalize nationwide ballot harvesting,
·ban voter id,
·and much more.

Knowing this, and knowing the track record of the Obama’s, it should come as no surprise that they are fully supporting this bill and urging the passing of it. Michelle Obama tweeted her support:

“I’m thrilled to that the House of Representatives has passed the #ForThePeopleAct. Now, I urge the Senate to follow suit – nothing is more important to our democracy than safeguarding our right to vote. Join @WhenWeAllVote tonight and take action:”

Michelle, we are a Constitutional Republic. You might want to read up on the history of our Constitution and the value, necessity, and effectiveness of election integrity and how our United States of America is supposed to work. Oh, that’s right, these things mean nothing to the people on the left.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. HR1 will destroy any chance of ever having fair elections again. Besides it is unconstitutional, and the dummycraps know it.

  2. HR1 is the worse document ever put forth. It will make it ever easier to cheat than mailout ballots. Not to mention, the constitution says states will handle their on election laws. Once again, OVER REACH by the Democrats.

  3. Michele and Barack Obama are and always have been Communists. Why anyone with even half a brain would pay any attention to anything they would say is way beyond my understanding.

  4. Barack Hussein Obama raised by communist grandparents. He hates America, along with his many anti American professor friends that were blowing up buildings for the SDS movement. His other statements from his own book says “if the political winds change I will stand with my Muslim brothers”!!! He and his bride are never to be trusted. They spied on the Trump campaign and were pat of the Russia conspiracy. HR 1 will be the nail in the coffin for America. There is a plan afoot to destroy America from the inside and he with his backer George Soros are behind it.


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