Hospital Uses Photo Of Nurse Fired Over Vaccine Refusal To Recruit For Her Replacement

(Right Country) – The COVID-19 virus is so dangerous and deadly that hospitals are in a position to fire any workers who refuse to submit to unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Apparently, the “pandemic” is so out of control that firing healthcare workers for refusing to take an experimental, unsafe, ineffective vaccine makes logical sense.

In Oregon, one nurse has not only lost her job of six years because of her refusal to be inoculated but not her former employer is using a picture of her to advertise for the very job she was fired from.

You really can’t make this kind of stuff up.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the legality of the employer vaccine mandates that are essentially being forced by the Biden regime but it’s most definitely unethical and abusive to force employees to be injected with a vaccine they don’t want.

As if it’s not bad enough to get fired for refusing to be vaccinated, Asante, a healthcare company based in southern Oregon, not only fired Tianna Therrien for this reason but then proceeded to use a picture of her in an advertisement seeking her replacement.

Therrien posted on Facebook, “I am losing my job due to the vaccine mandate.” The post is accompanied by a picture of a woman on a canoe on a lake which is part of an Asante job advertisement promising $750 for referrals for “top-notch healthcare professionals” that result in a hire.

“Help build our team and get a bonus!” the advertisement reads and is signed “Asante.”

Therrien continued, “Asante is now using a photo of me to advertise replacement of my exact position. After almost 6 years of working for this company and being thrown away like I am nothing this is just another slap in the face.”

“Good job Asante. Feel free to share so others know what kind of company they’re getting into,” she concludes.

Unfortunately, it seems the company has the rights to the picture of Therrien after she participated in a “campaign” for the company several years ago. She said she has “Big regrets now” over the photo.

Numerous social media users commented on her post saying such things as, “Such a slap in the face,” and “So disgusting.” One user said, “That’s messed up.”

Indeed, it truly is “messed up.”

Imagine finding out you’re being fired over your refusal to comply with unconstitutional vaccine mandates and discovering you were then being used as the face of the company as they seek to fill your position.

The only way to end this lunacy is mass disobedience. We cannot continue to give in to vaccine mandates. Not only are the vaccines not effective, they aren’t safe.

Healthcare workers should not have to play Russian roulette with their lives and health in order to keep their jobs and their livelihoods.

Pretty amazing how just last year healthcare workers were “heroes.” How quickly they became “zeroes” for daring to think for themselves and do what they feel is best for their health and their bodies.

Despite working through the pandemic, the only thing that matters in the end is their obedience and submission.


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