Joe Biden Says Indian Americans ‘Are Taking Over This Country’

(Right Country) – For the entire time that Donald Trump was president, the mainstream media and every leftist in Congress — both chambers — attacked him as often as possible, calling him a Nazi and labeling him a vicious racist anytime he dared to speak out against illegal aliens, despite the fact that what he had to say had nothing to do with race.

Any statement made on this subject immediately resulted in the racist card being tossed out by the social justice warriors of the world who like to virtue signal about everything. However, it seems that when it is someone on the left who says racist things, they are totally allowed to do and say whatever they want without fear of consequences.

According to Breitbart, President Joe Biden recently joked that Indian-American people were taking over the country during a call with a team from NASA on Thursday. Now, for just a moment, imagine what would have happened had former President Trump said this exact same thing. You know how well that would’ve went over, don’t you?

“It’s amazing. Indian of decent Americans are taking over the country,” Biden stated. “You, my vice president, my speechwriter Vinay.”

Wow. Just wow. Where is the outrage over Biden making this statement? Surely those in the media should be shouting “racist” at the top of their lungs, right? Where are they? Why the sudden silence?

The report goes on to note that Vice President Kamala Harris’s mother came to the U.S. from India. Biden’s own speechwriter, Vinay Reddy, is also Indian-American from the state of Ohio.

However, Biden seems to have a long track record of making strange and awkward statements about the growing population of Indian-Americans.

Back in 2006, Biden commented on the rise of Indian immigrants in his home state of Delaware.

“In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India,” he stated. “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”

During the call he had with the NASA team at the White House, Biden suddenly appeared to lose track of his instructions.

“Am I supposed to speak now?” he asked, looking rather confused.

Michael Watkins, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory director, kept on talking as Biden looked around trying to figure out what century he was in.

“Now am I supposed to speak? Or is Swati supposed to say something? I was told I was supposed to speak with Swati,” he went on to say. Watkins then spoke to Biden, which caused him to grin.

“You restored a dose of confidence in the American people. They’re beginning to wonder about us,” Biden stated.

“You did it the most American way, you believed in science, you believed in hard work and you believed there wasn’t a darned thing you couldn’t do if you put your minds together,” he continued.

The double standard of the left is outrageous. It’s time for someone to hold these folks accountable for this nonsense.

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  1. This guy is in bad mental health and doesn’t know it. I wonder what his family was paid to allow him to run knowing the election would be stolen. His wife should be ashamed of herself. She just wants to be First Lady. She’s a bad person

  2. Very sad that a person that is showing signs of dementia holds the highest office in America and the most powerful person in the world. Of course the dems like having a puppet they can manipulate to their whims. All the result of dirty politics and a fraudulent, stolen election.

  3. This is so dangerous for our country. Countries that hate us can see this and are making moves to get the advantage on us like China, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Cuba. No State of the Union Address nor any open press conferences where questions are asked that haven’t been seen before hand. This is a cover up of a senile old man who can’t answer questions without cue cards to read off of. Where is the testing of this president like Trump had to take? This is a crime being done right in front of our eyes and the fake media is no where to be found!

  4. Also Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself to put this country in danger just so she can be First Lady and her senile husband president.

  5. The commie MSM caters to and covers for China Joe…period. It’s sickening the way they’ve always mistreated Donald Trump, THE President of the United States and now completely sucks up to Biden. Trump could discover a cure for cancer and MSM would crucify him for putting research doctors out of work while they praise Biden for killing off 1,000s of jobs with one swipe of a pen. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.

    • He wasn’t referring to native Americans. He was talking about the REAL Indians ……from India. So go rant about the plight of the noble red man somewhere else….chump.

  6. The radical democrats have only one thing on their minds – power! Most of the Indians who came to this country do it legally and with merit. A large population of them are in the medical fields- doctors, nurses, etc. Others have opened small businesses, and found work as taxi drivers. They all sought jobs. I do not hear them looking for handouts. They have a strong work ethic. How do I know? I have traveled in support of business contracts throughout the USA as a Proposal Manager for Government contracts for many years. Those I have been fortunate enough to work with have inspired me in many fields. The DEMS have got to stop their hypocrisy and start looking at themselves. The way they treated, and continue to treat, President Trump and his family is beyond believe. You may not like him, but you should respect him for his achievements – he has done what he promised to do! Then again, the radical DEMS cannot respect Trump because he “…is not one of the boys, and no one loves a winner.”

  7. This racist,lying,sexualpervert,corrupt,phoney,puppet,installed by the deep state, is an embarrassment, to the world,all can see this senile,old,fool,isn’t fit to be leader, of anything. Our enemies and allies alike can see hidenbiden, is mentally deficient, in making rational decisions, so he shouldn’t be allowed to make any. He needs medical attention pronto, he isn’t right in the head and needs to go, he is a danger to America.


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