Kamala Harris Is No Longer Highlighted As A Black Female… Now She’s An Asian

(Right Country) – Kamala Harris is easily the most disliked and unwanted Vice President to ever hold the office. The scary part is, before too long she will likely be the president of the United States. As if Joe Biden usurping the White House wasn’t bad enough.

When Harris was officially sworn in, the mainstream media praised her for being the first black woman to sit in the office of the Vice President. Now, however, in the wake of the mass shooting in Atlanta in which 6 Asian women were killed, Harris is an Asian-American.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans (the ones who are sane) just want a president and vice president that are American. Is that really asking so much? Apparently it is.

Democrats are fueled by identity politics and Harris is a chameleon. Despite the fact that she hails from massive amounts of privilege, she portrays herself as some kind of victim of oppression and the media paints the picture that she’s an overcomer.

Now, Harris is Asian-American and apparently the Asian communities are looking to her for leadership after the mass shooting that was driven by sex addiction rather than racism. Don’t expect to hear that from the mainstream media though.

NBC News wrote this:

After six Asian women were killed at three Atlanta-area spas on Tuesday, the phrase “stop Asian hate” trended on social media for two days and a national spotlight was cast on a year of violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. As a community grieves and says it is gripped by fear, civil rights leaders say people are looking to the vice president, the most prominent Asian American in politics.

What? Now Kamala Harris is a leader among the Asian American communities? This is beyond absurd.

Not only are they lying about the mass shooting being racially motivated, they’re lying about Harris being “Asian.” Then they wonder why Americans don’t trust the mainstream media anymore and are tuning them out like never before.

On Friday, Joe Biden and Harris visited Atlanta to meet with leaders of the Asian community. While there, the anti-American duo totally trashed the US as a “racist” and “xenophobic” country.

Meanwhile, migrants from around the world continue to flood across our southern border. For being so racist and xenophobic, it sure is impressive the number of people from all around the world who risk everything to come here.

Surely they aren’t coming here to be abused and harassed by entitled, racist white people are they?

Of course not. They’re coming to America because it’s still the freest country in the world and it’s still the only place in the world where anybody, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion can become whatever they want to be if they work for it.

Well, now under Joe Biden and the Dems it’s also the place where migrants from around the world can live off of American tax dollars and never have a care or worry again a day in their life. That’s a topic for another day, however.

Kamala Harris is certainly not an Asian American and the claim should offend actual Asian Americans just as much as it should offend them that the left insists the mass shooting in Atlanta was driven by “Asian hate” when it very clearly was not.

Leftists are truly pathetic.

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  1. What a low down sorry sack of shi$ she is (kameltoe harris). I guess China Joe has been sniffing her a little bit too much lately.

  2. Why was Rachel Dolezol considered nuts by everyone, because she pretended to be black? Boys can claim to be girls. Girls can claim to be boys. Harris can claim to be African American, East Indian, and now Asian American. Her father was Jamaican and her mother was from India. But she isn’t African nor Asian. If everyone can claim something they’re not, why can’t I claim I’m an illegal from Mexico? That way, I wil give up my white privilege, to become a non-white person.

  3. The Black “ thing” is not holding as much water so they shift to a new race. The Asian community should rise up against this racist ploy and declare themselves Americans and not “ victims. The race card is well past worn out and calling yourself a Victim is not giving yourself any credit as a human being. Wise up people.

  4. kamala just reinforces how shifty and double tongued these democrats really are, they will cherry pick every optic to make it look good for them even while shooting themselves in the foot, hypocrites, maybe kamala flip flopped on her race because a majority of these hate crimes on asians are perpetrated by black people

  5. kamelion should be her new name – she adopts whatever guise fits the cause of the moment. Since she is a liar oops lawyer it is as easy for her to do so as it is for most of us to change our shoes. And of course the lame stream will not only NOT cover her shifting background, the will cover it up – just like they have her ineligibility to be veep. In case anyone needs to be reminded, she is at best an anchor baby, not a ‘natural born citizen’.

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