OUTRAGE: FBI Director Says No Evidence Antifa, Left-Wing Groups Played a Role in January 6 Capitol Riot (VIDEO)

(Right Country) – They are rewriting history as soon as it’s happening at this point.

The FBI’s Deep State establishment director Christopher Wray must think the American public is really, really stupid because he just blamed the sovereign citizens movement and militias for the summer’s violence that everyone knows was caused and perpetuated by radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters.”

I mean, the mainstream media was covering for the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” all summer long, promoting their ideology and downplaying their crime.

If the riots that spread across dozens of U.S. cities and caused billions in damage and dozens of deaths were caused by right-wing sovereign citizens and militia groups, we would have heard about it the entire time.

Does Wray actually expect to be taken seriously here?!

On Tuesday, when asked by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during a hearing how the bureau plans to prevent further mob-style rioting and violence in our nation’s cities, Wray seemed to indicate there is virtually no such plan in place.

While Wray did allude to “anarchist” extremism and made mention of the Patriot Prayer supporters who was shot and killed by Antifa in Portland, he also threw in sovereign citizens and militias and made no mention of the Black Lives Matter movement or Antifa, Big League Politics reports.

“A lot of that activity fell in what we would categorize as anti-government, anti-authority violent extremism. Some of it is anarchist, violent extremism; some of it is militia violent extremism. Some of it might even be sovereign citizen violent extremism,” he said.

No—that’s not a thing.

He doesn’t even sound confident when he says “might even be.” Did the director of the FBI just float a wild guess as to the origins of the summer’s violence—which wasn’t really in question to begin with, we all know why it started—in a hearing before the Senate?

This guy is such a joke.

“With Biden’s ascension to the Presidential Throne, Democrats are chomping at the bit at the prospect of using powerful and unaccountable federal law enforcement agencies to gin up bogus accusations and surveillance of patriotic Donald Trump supporters and America First advocates. Don’t expect the FBI to arrive on the scene if ANTIFA/BLM crime explodes in the summer- unless, of course, a so-called ‘extremist’ can be found on the scene waiving an American flag,” BLP notes.

Video: FBI Director Wray testifies on Capitol riot

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  1. The expression on their faces of the two men behind corrupt Christopher Wray says a lot! They cannot believe what they are hearing from corrupt Christopher Wray!

  2. He is a big, fat LIAR……President Trump should have FIRED him, now this guy is wrecking more and more HAVOC through LIES and DIS-information…We know “who” was there first and broke into the Capitol Building, antifa = the so-called democRATS terrorists…..!!!

  3. This guy must get all his intel from CNN and MSNBC. He didn’t see the videos of ANTIFA members bragging that they just infiltrated the capital building or see the BLM leader that was arrested for being in the capital? What a joke liberals are.

  4. This FBI leader can go before congress/senate, and lie with a straight face, like the swamp rat he is. Ths guy is a complete joke, and needs to be removed for incompetence, just like incoherant,incompetent,unfit,unstable,deranged, unhinged,hidenbiden.

  5. Durbin has a lot of NERVE comparing patriotic Americans to KKK members, he’s just another prime example of the nasty weasels the Democratic Party has put in Leadership positions in our Legislature

  6. Ah yes….the Effa-Bee-Eye. The crap they spew is worse than the KGB and Gestapo ever dreamed up. Why do the Republicans even bother to call on them to testify in committee.


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