RULES FOR THEE: Joe Biden Ignores Mask Mandate (VIDEO)

(Right Country) – You’d think if the COVID pandemic was really a true pandemic that all lawmakers would be taking it seriously across the board, especially the ones who make up all the rules for supposed “mitigation efforts.”

You’d be wrong, however.

From the beginning, Democrats have been skirting the very COVID rules and mandates they have established and enforced on the rest of us.

Name a Democrat and they’ve likely been caught red-handed flouting COVID rules and restrictions to one degree or another.

While Joe Biden has done a pretty good job keeping a face diaper on at all times, he has the extraordinary power to decide when COVID is a risk and when it isn’t.

Unlike the lowly residents of Washington DC who are forced to comply with mask mandates whenever they go into public, Joe Biden gets to decide for himself when he wants to don the mask. COVID be damned.

While the rest of us are commanded to live in fear of COVID, Biden was caught casually strutting through upscale restaurant Fiola Mare in Georgetown sans the obedience mask. Going maskless inside a restaurant like this goes against the capital’s ordinance but what’s an ordinance to the Big Guy? He makes the rules.

Biden had his mask in hand as he walked through the restaurant and made his way out.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has ditched his mask in favor of fresh air. Who can forget this disturbing image from the 9/11 20th anniversary ceremony?

Over the months we’ve been covering Democrats who practice “rules for thee, but not for me,” and there has certainly been no shortage of them. With the Big Guy being the leader of the Dems, it’s no wonder they feel perfectly comfortable disregarding COVID rules.

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, is a real unhinged leftist if there ever was one and if Virginians don’t wise up and quick, he’s going to be their next governor.

Naturally, like any good Democrat, McAuliffe was just caught sans the mask in a restaurant despite being a major COVID fear-monger.

On Saturday, McAuliffe entered into a restaurant and started hugging people without a mask despite just days before calling a GOP operative attempting to ask him questions “dangerous” for not wearing a mask outside.

When a Virginia Rising official attempted to ask McAuliffe about his stance on parental oversight in schools, McAuliffe snapped at the conservative operative.

“Who do you think should be in charge of education, if not Virginia parents?” the Virginia Rising tracker asked McAuliffe.

“Have you been vaccinated yet?! That’s the question I want to know….You should have a mask on! You’re dangerous here,” McAuliffe proclaimed while pointing a scolding finger in the operative’s face.

Could it be that Democrats so nonchalantly disregard the COVID rules and mandates they insist the rest of us comply with because they know it’s all a big scam?

We’d say so but you be the judge.

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