Unhinged Sen. Blumenthal: Republicans Are “Complicit In All These Shootings”

(Right Country) – Democrats love playing the blame game. When anything goes wrong, they find a way to blame Republicans. It doesn’t matter what it is, Dems will find a way to blame Republicans.

Since Republicans are in support of Americans’ maintaining their Second Amendment rights without interference or restrictions from the federal government, Democrats, like unhinged Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), claim the GOP is “complicit” in all the mass shootings that take place in the US, including the most recent two.

Their logic is completely and utterly absurd and Blumenthal should be undergoing some kind of mental health examination rather than determining the direction of US legislation.

On CNN’s “OutFront,” Blumenthal said that the shooter in the most recent shooting in Boulder, Colorado is a “deeply disturbed man” who was able to become mass killer “because he had an assault weapon that can kill people with the efficiency and speed meant for the battlefield.”

He went on to conclude that guns make “these problems” more deadly and also cited domestic violence victims who are five times more likely to be killed when their abuser has a gun.

Democrats, apparently, aren’t aware that there are plenty of other ways for people to kill other people and that criminals, especially ones that commit murder, don’t typically have a very high regard for the law.

Blumenthal continued on and said Republicans “bear responsibilities” but they’re “ducking” those “responsibilities” and therefore they’re “complicit in all these shootings.”

He said that it isn’t just mass shootings like the ones in Atlanta and Boulder. It’s also the “100 killings a day and not to mention the emotional traumas and injuries that result, the eight children that are lost every day of guns that are stored unsafely.”

Instead of daring to address the mental health crisis in the US, Democrats would rather just blame guns and their Republican colleagues for all the violence in America.

Meanwhile, former president Barack Obama chimed in and urged lawmakers to take the necessary action to resolve the “epidemic of gun violence” in the US.

“It is long past time for those with the power to fight this epidemic of gun violence to do so. It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism, and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence,” Obama wrote in a statement.

Obama at least has the sense to acknowledge that gun violence stems from underlying issues and isn’t just because guns exist.

He then went on to say that pandemics cannot be the only thing to slow gun violence, as if the pandemic even accomplished that.

He also claimed that the American people are saying “enough is enough” and want their Second Amendment rights infringed upon.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are zealously doing everything they can to drum up support among Americans to actually get away with canceling their gun rights, at least in part.

Fortunately there are Senators like Ted Cruz who are not interested in kowtowing to the Democrats “ridiculous theater.”

Cruz slammed Democrats efforts during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday saying that every time there’s a mass shooting, this “committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders.”

Cruz is right and the Democrats know it. Their motive for going after assault rifles is not to stop mass shootings at all. It’s not to curb gun violence. It’s just the first step in the disarming of the American people.

The Democrats know they can’t just disarm the American people in one fell swoop. They know it has to be systematic and gradual. That’s why their ideas only ever consist of infringing upon law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Let’s just hope there aren’t more mass shootings.

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    • Absolutely, but then you know he doesn’t expect the average American to have a working brain! Let’s disarm ALL of DC and see how he feels since the best way to get people on board is by setting an example!

  1. Blumenthal has lied from his very beginning. The vast majority of gun owners are strictly law abiding people, yet the Dumbocrats continue to blame all of them. But it is not the law abiding it is the thugs that roam the streets of our country not giving a crap for our laws but the Dumbocrats continue to support them and cover for them, just like Antifa, BLM and terrorist throughout the world. They would much rather complain about Trump, seek useless hearings and argue over procedures rather that really doing anything about it. This is the way they have operated forever and will continue until the real citizen/voters step forward and take control back for the Country.

  2. Blumenthal is a disgrace and a stolen valor traitor to our country. Lied about being in Vietnam. Blames Republicans but the real blame is the socialist Democrats who hate our country and the American people. I just wonder if these people are paid by Democrats.

  3. If you buy into unhinged Senator Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) way of thinking that Republicans are at fault for mass shootings because they support the Second Amendment, then you must agree that Democrats are actually responsible because most mass shooters are Democrats or Leftists.

  4. What a load of crap! As always the Democrats are playing on people’s emotions with,of course, help from the mainstream media. Ignore the facts and never let a good crisis go to waste- it’s the same old tired logic that they use to promote their agenda. Their gun control legislation/bans won’t do anything to stop these incidents or criminals from getting guns and they know it -the only impact it will have will be on the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. To say the Republicans are complicit in these crimes is idiotic and an insult to our intelligence. But as always the Democrats don’t care about the average Americans unless it’s at election time. Another reason to vote them out…

  5. As a Viet Nam Disabled vet I take offence to his occupying a seat in the senate. He has no Idea which end of the gun is dangerous. He has the two faces only a liberal would love. Come on Connecticut elect a real hero and get rid of this papermache version.

  6. Six Asian prostitutes with no happy ending and a Syrian terrorist have a lot to do with the republicans. I don’t get that

  7. Our leadership in Connecticut are STUPID DEMOCRATS that want what all Democrats want, attention, money, power. They are all the same no matter where you live. None of them give a damn about you or me!

  8. Blumenthal, you are complicit in the destruction of our bill of rights. You are a traitor and a clear and present danger to American


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